Carelink Complete

CareLink Complete personal medical alarms include a senior monitoring system with a lightweight pendant or bracelet

CareLink Complete

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Wireless Modem Option

Wireless Modem Option


If you don’t have a landline telephone in your home, add a Wireless Modem to your order. This allows CareLink senior medical alarms to work in your home without connecting it to a phone landline. Service provided by AT&T – View Coverage Area

CareLink Complete Personal Emergency Response System

Falling is a very common problem for seniors. One-third of people over age 65 will fall this year, according to the Center for Disease Control. The likelihood is even greater if you take more than four medications. Once a fall has occurred, fast, emergency response dispatched by CareLink senior monitoring systems may reduce the severity of your loved one’s injuries.

Activate the personal emergency response system by simply pressing the button on a lightweight, waterproof pendant OR wristband. An operator is immediately alerted and communicating with the home quickly!

  • Extended voice pickup range
  • Up to 1,000’ outside pendant range
  • Waterproof lightweight pendant with indicator LED
  • Available for homes with landlines or cellular phones
  • Incoming telephone calls can be answered through base unit by pressing the personal medical alarm button
  • Can monitor accessories including a medication dispenser, smoke detector, CO2, water level, and a lack of motion detector
  • Home alarm allows “I am OK” signal to be sent daily
  • Can record up to 8 reminder messages (optional)
  • Product is UL certified

CareLink Senior Medical Alarms…

  • ease stress on caregivers, giving them reassurance and peace of mind.
  • will help you or your loved ones to remain independent longer.
  • provides home safety for the elderly 24/7.
  • is supported by a professional, well-trained staff.

A Personal Medical Alarm that is easy to use

Activate the personal medical alarm by simply pressing the button on a lightweight, waterproof pendant worn around the neck or on a wristband. In less than a minute, our operators are speaking through the base unit of CareLink senior monitoring systems. Help is dispatched and at the door quickly.


CareLink does even more…

  • Summon help either inside or outside of your home (average 1,000 foot radius)
  • Our operators can speak with and listen to your loved one throughout the home.
  • You can remotely answer your telephone by pressing the help button.
  • The personal emergency response system has a battery backup which supplies up to 24 hours of service without AC power.
  • CareLink senior medical alarms provide automatic fall monitoring (optional)

CareLink senior monitoring systems are easily transferable from one location to another. It will work in any location in the US or Canada (phone systems may vary with location).

*System may not look the same as pictured above

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